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Russian Writing Training. Learn to write Russian naturally.

In today’s technologically advanced world, handwriting might seem like dying art, but research shows that putting pen to paper stimulates the brain like nothing else.   Learning to write in cursive writing offers hidden benefits which you would never get from printing letters or keyboarding. There are really many reasons to write cursive. Let’s look at […]

Learn Russian and meet your Love.

Learn Russian and meet your real love in Russian speaking countries.                 Russian language is widely used. It was official for all the Soviet countries and it still remains quite active on the most of those territories. So, Russian is mostly used in (of course) Russia – one of […]

Start learning with reading. Learn to READ RUSSIAN easily!!!

            Reading is one of the first steps in learning a foreign language. It is essential and extremely important, basic component of any language. Reading skill, actually, opens a language to the learner, especially if it’s a foreign language.           All the teaching materials I’ve created […]


13 reasons to learn a foreign language.   Learn anything faster. Learning a foreign language starts very important and useful processes in your brain. You automatically train yourself to recognize, understand, memorize and use any information much better and faster Boost your confidence. When we set out to achieve something and find success, it boosts […]

Learning programs

Hi everyone! Great news! Working with my students for such a long time, I’ve noticed the differences of purposes in learning Russian. I’ve decided to specify the learning, making it more useful and effective for everyone. So, I’ve created and completed some special programs of learning for the most popular kinds of purposes. Tourist program […]

Parts of speech

                  Parts of speech are «must know» for anyone who wants to learn a language. Parts of speech and their understanding is the basic knowlege and starting point in the grammar system of the language.  

5 main principles of effective learning.

Effective learning                         Starting to learn something, we want our results to be fast and sufficient. Nowadays there are many ways of  learning  around us, all of them claim to be unique and effective. Lots of them promise us quick results in almost no […]

My Day Мой День

My Day Мой День Утро   Morning День   Day Вечер   Evening Постель   Bed Вставать   Get up Умываться   Wash face Завтракать   Have breakfast Обедать   Have dinner Ужинать   Have supper Ложиться (идти) спать   Go to bed (sleep) Смотреть телевизор   Watch TV   Red letters are stressed.

How to learn foreign words effectively. Direct association method.

How to learn foreign words (effectively). & Direct association method.                  Words are the most essential consisting part of any language. Words are those little bricks by which the speech is built. Words name the objects, characteristics, actions or phenomena, specific or abstract thoughts and ideas. They are […]