Getting Started

Start For Free!!!

Start For Free!!! Or Begin with inactive learning                  If you’ve just decided to learn a foreign language (especially Russian) there are some very simple and free activities with which you can start and make your further learning much more effective. My own learning and teaching experience proves […]

Plan of learning

Russian is not very easy, but if you follow recomended steps you’ll certainly get good results! Here I present you an approximate program of learning Russian: 1. Inactive learning (you can find the discription in the article «Start for free» 2. Reading 3. Writing 4. Initial words & phrases from first easy topics 5. Elementary […]


                 Russian is very old and complex language. It is very important to know that Russian (unlike English) is never written (handwriting) by printed letters. Of course,it’s not necessary to join the letters all the time, but still they must be written. On the Alphabet table you can see the written letters and here you […]


After you studied the Russian Alphabet you can try to read your first simple words:)                      reading exercises. doc . Exercise 1 Упражнение 1   но                                          док […]

Russian Alphabet

in the attached document you can find printed capital and small letters (also their sounds). You can also use the audio to hear proper pronounciation of the names of the letters and their sounds.