Start learning with reading. Learn to READ RUSSIAN easily!!!

            Reading is one of the first steps in learning a foreign language. It is essential and extremely important, basic component of any language. Reading skill, actually, opens a language to the learner, especially if it’s a foreign language.

          All the teaching materials I’ve created are the result of my special education and long teaching experience. Russian Reading Training is a unique tool for learning to read Russian. I’ve designed it specially for my lessons to get the best and the fastest results with my students.

              Russian Reading Training is a complex system. It consists of two parts: text and audio which allows you to learn Russian reading fast and effectively.

        Exercises in the book are arranged so that, students gradually and naturally get acquainted with all the letters and sounds, their combinations in different positions which exist in Russian. The system of the exercises allows to memorize and be able to use reading principles of Russian very soon an easily. Also there were used all the most popular and useful words with necessary sound/letter-combinations, which will help you to form and broaden the passive vocabulary in your memory. It also will help you a lot to get used to the sounds of a new language and to perceive, memorize and recall new words in your further learning.

       Russian Reading Training is easy, simple, convenient and highly effective system of learning Russian reading which is approved by all my students. Using the exercises from the Russian Reading Training and following all the instructions you (or your children) will start to read Russian freely very soon!


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