Learn Russian and meet your Love.

Learn Russian and meet your real love in Russian speaking countries. 

               Russian language is widely used. It was official for all the Soviet countries and it still remains quite active on the most of those territories. So, Russian is mostly used in (of course) Russia – one of the biggest countries in the world, Ukraine and Belorussia. All people can speak and understand Russian in these countries. Most people in Moldova, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary also can use Russian. Not so many, but still some part of people can speak and understand Russian in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria.славянка2

                Let’s have a look at a Slavic lady. Most Slavic women are not tall. The skin is usually very light, eye color varies but mostly it is light too. Usually, Slavic ladies are very kind and hardworking. They still believe in love and friendship. They can be really faithful, loyal and self – sacrificing taking care about their husbands and children. The greatest achievement, pride and joy in their life, usually is their family. They can believe and forgive a lot. Such woman will do everything to keep her husband and children warm, comfortable and happy.

              Nowadays, there are thousands of different dating services and agencies where you can meet a lady from one of the Slavic countries. The truth and the problem is – most ladies from post soviet countries don’t speak English and in 95% you only see a picture of a girl but communicate with the agent who works at an agency and all that information and details you get is only her (or his) imagination. When you come to see the girl, you still have to use an interpreter (from the same agency), so in fact for a long time you really don’t communicate with your fiancé, only when you start living together you’ll know the truth.славянка4

              Our ladies would like to learn English, believe me, but usually working hard to keep their bodies and souls together, they just don’t have time and also don’t have money for that (effective English courses are really expensive in theses countries).

              Unfortunately, there are also many frauds, which get the money from foreign men. Many of my friends and students have been in such situation. They thought they had written to the girl and communicated for a long time. They sent money and presents but then when they came to see her, she was absolutely different or just disappeared before they had to meet. One of them told me that he found out that his “girlfriend” was married, other man told me that in fact there was no girl at all and all he saw was just a created thing by the fraud group of people. One of my students from America has been tricked for three times before he started to learn Russian. In a year after that he married a great girl (real one) from Belorussia and he is very happy now. Few of my students finally started to communicate with good (real) girls and are very glad of that. And I really have heard a lot of such stories (I even helped to open the truth in few of them). And the only way to make yourself secure, sure and confident looking for a Slavic lady is to learn at least a basic Russian. It will help you to avoid that great anger and disappointment that follow the lies on which you might be caught. Knowing Russian will allow you to know the real life of a girl, to see everything clearly, to understand her better, to find out her real character and give her a chance to know real you too, to make your relationships grow faster and be much more sincere.славянка

                Learning Russian will open for you many great and unexpected things about Slavic women. It’s not so difficult and it definitely worth it. Especially with the proper teacherJ

                      Learn Russian and meet your real love and fate!




P.S. I will gladly help you to check the agency or the lady’s information for you, if you learn Russian with me:)

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