Russian Writing Training. Learn to write Russian naturally.

In today’s technologically advanced world, handwriting might seem like dying art, but research shows that putting pen to paper stimulates the brain like nothing else.   Learning to write in cursive writing offers hidden benefits which you would never get from printing letters or keyboarding.

There are really many reasons to write cursive. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Writing cursive is great training for the brain.

Handwriting dynamically engages widespread areas of both cerebral hemispheres.

  • It improves your learning abilities.

The fluid, continuous motion of cursive writing offers the brain a different form of kinesthetic stimulation that helps facilitate different parts of the brain to develop and integrate, assisting in establishing the connections that enhance memory, attention, learning and emotional responses.

  • It develops motor skills of the hand. Which is very important and beneficial, especially for children.

  • Cursive writing increases creativity and problem solving abilities.

  • Cursive has the added benefit of being both artistic and highly personal.  Children no less than adults long to express their individuality and creativity and your handwriting style is the part of your personality.

  • Hand written cursive is an essential part of the classic language. It is a must-have skill for intelligent people.

Cursive is very beautiful and romantic. Just remember all those pictures of old love-letters written in cursive!

All handwritten Russian, especially personal letters and schoolwork, uses the cursive. So it is necessary skill for those who learn Russian.

Russian Writing Training consist of 3 main parts:

1. Primary writing – learning to write separate letters (capital and small letters), 2. Main part – learning to write words in cursive with joined or separate letters (both variants are possible for modern Russian cursive). 3. Exercises for practice and improving your writing skills.

This texbook is very easy and useful. I’ve created it especially for you! Using it you or your children can learn to read Russian cursive in a very short time.

Good luck!


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