The Russian language belongs to the Eastern subgroup of the Slavic languages group. It is the state language of the Russian Federation, the main means of communication for different nations in Russia, and one of the 6 official languages of the UN. Russian is mother tongue for 170 millions of people, and about 200 millions can speak it.

         The Russian language consists of two dialects: northern and southern. Between them there was the modern literary Russian developed. The ancient Slavic language was the main base of the modern language, but it absorbed a lot of features from the nearest Asian languages. The great influence to the literary language development had A. Pushkin’s creative work which combined different languages streams into the one system.

       The written language  — Cyrillic alphabet was taken from the Kyiv Rus.

    The Russian language is unbelievably rich. It has a great quantity of words, wide flexibility and plasticity of grammatical forms and meanings, variety of stylistic devices. Many people, even non-native speakers, are positive about its great beauty and power.


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