5 main principles of effective learning.

Effective learning


                      Starting to learn something, we want our results to be fast and sufficient. Nowadays there are many ways of  learning  around us, all of them claim to be unique and effective. Lots of them promise us quick results in almost no time and without any efforts from us. They state to use the natural abilities of our brains, which are hidden from us. In fact almost all of them are not so wonderful as we might think, and trying them we still get the same little result or none at all. Of course any means of learning language are better than nothing and we can use many different variants (or even all of themJ) it will do no harm anyway. Also there always are some individual skills and abilities according to which some people can use very unusual methods. But there are main principles which remain unchangeable for all the times and for most of people. So, to get the best results in the shortest time of learning the foreign language you have to remember these important things:

  • Regularity and repeating

               Learning a practical skill, to be able to use it easily and freely, you must review, revise and repeat everything you already know until it become an automatic, besides, adding something new each time. The more regular and often you have lessons the faster and profounder will be your results. Your lessons don’t have to be long, they just have to be regular. This principal is the same and vital for learning all difficult skills such as languages or playing music.

  • Basic grammar

               Any language as a signal system has two main consisting parts: words and grammar. Words we can see as little bricks of  which we can build something, and the grammar is the way of putting them together in the proper way to build this something up. If you are not a scientist or a teacher you don’t have to learn the rules themselves, you just must understand their principals and be able to use them.

  • Wide range of practice (passive & active)

                 Practice is the essential part of learning. It is also a consisting and undividable part of the first principal – regularity and repeating. Use your skills as often as you can. Many people think the practice is only speaking, but it’s not completely right. Speaking is very important, you have to speak foreign language as much as you can, even if you don’t  have anyone to speak to,  just speak aloud looking in the mirror (it’s not a joke and it’s very useful). But also practice is listening, writing, reading, watching videos, analyzing, memorizing and retelling. We can call listening, reading, watching videos a passive practice, and active practice is speaking, writing, (any activity when you create (in any way) words or sentences of the foreign language.)  Use wide range of practice: speak, listen to various audios: songs, stories, podcasts, radio, lessons, lectures etc., read all the possible sources (handwritten and printed texts), watch films and programs – videos are extremely useful, analyze, memorize and retell or rewrite, write in the foreign language. By the way in Russian people don’t write using printed letters, for writing we always use handwritten letters, and believe me it’s also very useful thing.

  • Direct associations method.

                     Learn words in proper way, use the method of direct associations. It means don’t use any silly new “magic” ways which can complicate your learning. More about this method you can find in the article “How to learn foreign words”.

  • Motivation & desire or self-discipline.

                      To get the best result you have to understand (fully) why actually you are doing this. What is your purpose and reasons? Why do you need or want to learn this? What will you get when you are done? Unfortunately, people rarely get pleasure from the process of learning (if you do, it’s really great!), so concentrate on the final goal. If your motivation is not so strong use strict self-discipline and control without any excuses. You’ll see, you’ll have to use it hard only in the beginning, then you’ll get used to it and it will be much easier. It works like hat for any kind of learning and studying.

So don’t forget these principles and rules, use them, and you’ll get your best results in a very short time!

Good luck!:)


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