I’m learning Russian with Mary for 4 months already. I started from the very beginning and now I have very good results.

Peter Kraig, USA



My grandmother was from Russia that’s why I wanted to learn Russian for all my life. Now I’m learning it with the nativespeaker (& professional teacher) and must say it’s very interesting.

Frank Brooks
Calgary, Canada



Русский — очень сложный язык, но если вы решили учить его с Марией, он будет намного легче, потому что она использует индивидуальный метод для каждого студента.

Kendra Loyd, USA



Я говорю на 4 языках и сейчас учу русский с Марией. Он трудный, но также очень интересный. Мария очень хороший учитель.

Лора Knight, UK



I’ve been learning Russian for 8 months. I have a very good level already and I’m going to continue my lessons after my vacations.

Robert Banks, NY USA



I started learning Russian many years before. But all the materials I had were not good enough for me and I hadn’t got great results. I decided to try lessons via skype and now I’m sure it’s the best way to improve the knowledge or to start learning as well.

Daniel S, Dortmund



Я давно мечтал выучить русский и начинал много раз, но это было не просто без хорошего учителя. После 1 года занятий с Марией я могу общаться с русскоговорящими людьми, дополнять и совершенствовать мои знания без помощи.

Bruce Ferry, Austria



I was looking for love and wanted to marry a girl from Russia or Ukraine. I realized, unfortunately lots of them don’t speak English. The only way to meet and marry a good, frank girl (without any agents) is to speak Russian. I’ve started to learn it with Mariya and in five months I was able to talk Russian a little. And it was enough to understand the most important things. Soon I’ve met a beautiful girl from Ukraine and we are going to marry. Thanks a lot.

Robert Rogers
Marysville WA



Few years ago I began to feel bored. I understood I didn’t have any special hobby and I started to look for it. My friend told me she was learning Russian. At first I thought it was very difficult (and it is if you try to learn it without help) but then my friend advised me lessons with Mariya, and it was the right choice! Now I’m learning Russian and feel my life complete, because this activity is really great.

Ronald Cagle
Saint Augustine FL



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