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           The Russian language belongs to the Eastern subgroup of the Slavic languages group. It is the state language of the Russian Federation, the main means of communication for different nations in Russia, and one of the 6 official languages of the UN. Russian is mother tongue for 170 millions of people, and about 200 […]

Why The Grammar Is Important

 Why The Grammar Is Important   There are a lot of different modern (very promising) methods to learn a foreign language. Many of them attract people telling you don’t have to learn the grammar or rules, or words or anything at all! Some of them propose some new psychological (magic ) ways in which you […]

The Language Structure

                         All languages in the world are beautiful, some are similar and some are different but all of them have the definite structure. Most languages have the structure which looks like a tree:  roots, trunk and branches, leaves and fruits…              So, now you can see that you can’t […]