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Do you want to learn Russian? Do you want to speak it fluently? Do you want to start from the very beginning? You never tried or you already started but had no luck? Do you want to learn it fast and effectively? Or do you want just to parctise? Do you want to read Russian literature? Do you want to relocate to or work in Russian speaking countries? Do you want your children or grandchildren keep the language of your parents? Do you want to establish business in Russia or cooperate with  

 Russian partners? Do you need Russian for your study? Do you want to keep your brain and memory fit forever? Do you want to increase and develop your skills? Do you want to feel more comfortable while travelling in Russia? Do you want to find new friends or even real love in Russian speaking countries? Do you want to start the most adventurous learning journey in your life? If any of those questions got YES –  contact me now to book your free trial lesson or find out more details!!! 

What I’m offering

Individual lessons

Personally structured online lessons. All the materials are provided. Approaching exactly your needs and goals. 

Online Course

Highly effective online courses for different levels and purposes. Materials and support are included. 


All the useful books, materials and resourses for your productive learning. 

Books For Beginners

A great way to start learning on your own.

Russian Reading Training

Mariya Yaremchuk

Education. E-book. For the complete beginners.

Russian Writing Training

Mariya Yaremchuk

Education. Russian cursive. For the complete beginners.

Three WHY


1. Why is learning of a foreign language very important and useful for you?

2. Why Russian?

3. Why Russian with Mariya?

1. Knowledge of a foreign language was always  very important. In the ancient world people tried really hard to learn foreign languages. It was something magical and those who did it were scientists, philosophers and men of wisdom. Such knowledge was the sign of a very high status, great wisdom and perfect education. In all the times people which spoke different languages had more opportunities and countless privileges. 90% of famous people spoke and speak at least one foreign language.

It’s a very well known fact that learning of foreign language is the best training for your brain and memory. Those processes which are happening in the mind during learning or speaking (as well as reading, writing, listening) foreign language are very important for all the functions of our brain. Foreign language (and its learning) develops our memory, thinking, understanding and comprehension skills. It has the great positive influence to the main logical processes of our mind such as analysis and synthesis. Learning a foreign language (especially if it’s very different from your native one) broadens your abilities of perception and mastering information.

Moreover learning of a foreign language is great not only for your brain. It’s also very interesting and challenging and it can give you a real pleasure of new achievements.

As you know the language (the mother tongue) is the soul of the nation. It carries the spirit of the centuries, all the events which have happened to the nation during its history. Language shows all the ethnic flavor. It opens national culture, mentality, character and peculiarities of people for you. One famous person said: “Each new language which you learn makes you a new person” That’s why learning of a foreign language is the most useful, profitable and beautiful activity.

2. Russia is a very big country with the great history, beautiful landscapes, amazing culture and very interesting language. It’s not simple but it’s really wonderful. It has more different devices (than any other language in the world) for expressing various feelings and emotions. The learning of it seems to be the opening a new planet and realizing yourself able to express you thoughts in an absolutely new way. I can assure you that while learning Russian you can find many little (but very important) details in your life and put a new face on them. Besides Russian is very popular as the foreign language in many countries of the world. And it’s not surprising at all. Russian is spoken in 15 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

And in these countries Russian is official or the second official language. So, I think I have the strong reasons to say that the Russian language is the right choice!

You can learn Russian for:

– You own pleasure

 – Development of your personal skills

– Visiting many different Russian-speaking countries as a tourist

 Free communication with Russian-speaking people around the world           (friendship, common interests, love, romance, marriage, business, etc.)

– Doing business in Russian-speaking countries (it is said that these countries are the best field for a beneficial investments nowadays).

   For moving to Russia or other Russian-speaking country.

 You can give your children amazing opportunity to master one of the greatest languages in the world!

(And of course, if your roots are in Russian speaking country – help your children not to forget the language of your ancestors.)

3. Nowadays we have a great number of different ways of learning everything we want. Different audio and video courses, science and training literature, primers, manuals, text books, newspapers, special magazines and modern computer programs-(tutors) etc. And we can successfully use any of them for learning anything except language. In fact you can learn a lot of subjects and sciences by yourself without any assistance but unfortunately you can not learn foreign language on your own. There are few simple reasons for it. First of all language is a communication and we can communicate only with one another (not with study materials :)) Learning of the foreign language seems to be the way through the unknown dark room: You know your final aim but you can’t see it, you don’t know and can’t see where you have to turn, to step over, bend down or jump. You are just going through the darkness trying to catch something by your hands, stumbling again and again. In addition you are moving very slowly and irresolutely.

But just imagine! Someone takes your hand, someone who knows this room, and now you’re following them. You walk faster and confidently. Then they take a little electric torch and you already can see some important things on your way! During your way he turns on different lamps one by one and you can see more and more. Finally he turns on the chandelier. Now you can see everything!

After all if you already have tried to learn a foreign language you’ve probably noticed that  many questions appear in the process of studying.

How it works

As everybody already knows the best way to learn the foreign language is individual lessons with the tutor or a special highly professional online course. Nowadays the achievements of the technical progress give us amazing possibility to have such individual lessons while staying at home and at the suitable time for us. So if you have computer, internet, and the skype (or any other video messanger) you have the great chance to get new amazing skills for you, and of course to learn Russian.

According to your goals we can use one of my  programs. They are quite approximate, because the great part of the final success depends on your own knowledge, skills, memory possibilities, your motivation and many other factors. So we can use them just as starting point.

1.Tourist program

2.General course

3.Russian for children

4.Russian for business and work

5.Russian for dating

6.Russian for tourism workers (hotel workers, shop assistants, guides)

7.Improving Russian level course


In general the system of studying includes 3 main components:


And to reach the best result we will pay the equal attention to each of them.

One more important and necessary part of our lessons is the home task. I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult but it must be done. In such a way you will develop your new knowledge and make them stronger.

During on-line lessons I’ll provide all the necessary materials for free:)!

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